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Power Lift Chairs: what are the benefits?

Reclining Lift Chair With Heated Seat 5500 Series

A lift chair could really be a helpful tool for those facing mobility issues.  A lift chair assist those in getting up from a sit position or sitting down comfortably without hurting the back. The right lift chair assists you to sit and rise just when you want with one touch of a button.

 If you want to retain your independence and mobility, a power lift chair can really help you achieve that. And if you have a back problem, getting a lift chair could prevent the issue from further degradation. In fact, you can also improve your spine’s health by avoiding all the excessive tension and pressure that’s required for getting into a seated position.

 The benefits

Lift chairs can largely assist you with improving your medical condition resulting from asthma, arthritis, back pain and circulation problems. For people who have to sit on an armchair for a long time can make use of a lift chair to avoid the risk of pressure sores or other health issues. Some of the benefits of lift chairs include: 

  • Better posture through multiple seating position.
  • Increased functionality and and wellbeing through better standing transfers.
  • Less shoulder fatigue that’s eminent with manual recliners.
  • Leg elevation improves fluid reduction.

 There are also numerous studies that have proven how lift chairs can provide better muscular tone and reduction in skeletal joint degeneration and fatigue.

 Lift chairs: How do they work?

Electric lift chairs are designed to provide its users the convenience of getting up from a chair with some assistance. These chairs are easy to use. Each chair comes with an attached handset, so that it’s never lost. Many reclining chairs even sport a special pocket where you can place the handset.

 By raising the chair, users are able to get off or on the chair from close to a standing posture, so there is minimum amount of back used in the whole process.  The spine doesn’t have to bend so there is no additional tension. Lift chairs also provide a more stable position that’s great for those with poor shoulders or low hands and arm strength.  

 What kind of lift chairs are available?

There are three different types: two-position lift chair, three-position lift chair and sleeper position chair. If you want to get the maximum out of your lift recliner, get the one with sleeper position because it’s ideal for napping and long durations of sitting.

 Lift chairs are sometimes covered by Medicare.  Here is a link to the Medicare and Medicaid form.

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